Medical Revenue Solutions

Revenue Cycle Management for your Medical Practice!

Let’s talk about how we can get your Claim Denial rate to 5%!

Revenue Cycle Management

Track patients from registration, appointment scheduling and detailed clinical encounters to the final balance payment.

Practice Management

Administrative side of your Medical Practice. Scheduling, co-pay payments, benefit/eligibility of coverage, claim process and more.

Electronic Medical Records

Reduce paper and streamline patient encounters! A customized solution that will parallel the current workflow of your practice! Easy to use!

Medical Compliance

Guards profits and reduces errors. Protect against audits, identify charting errors, stop under billing, improve reimbursement.

Medical Coding

Improve your reimbursement rates up to 30%! Stop under-billing, improve documentation, real-time reports and 24 hour turnaround!

Medical Collections

Recover lost profit, reduce collection costs. Twice the average recovery rate with a full automated low cost process.

Medical Billing

More payment options, more revenue. Get paid faster, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction!

Medical Marketing

Stay connected, increase appointments and referrals. Automated marketing with results that improve patient retention.

Client Testimonials

We are a small Mobility/Durable Medical Equipment Co.  We were looking to outsource our billing in order to free up time for more complex services.  We shopped around for the best service for almost eight months and Medical Revenue Solutions was our choice. They are a local company to us and offer the small business feel we were looking for at a reasonable price.  Although they did not have the Complex Rehab experience at the time, we felt comfortable that their staff would have no problem learning the world of Complex Rehab. It has been a great experience for us and the staff is very friendly, pleasant, and willing to help us continue to grow our business. The software is easy to learn and use. Medical Revenue Solutions offers plenty of customization in order to adjust to the ever changing Mobility/Durable Medical Equipment Industry. We are blessed to have Beverly and the girls working with us at Keystone Mobility Inc.


I started using MediTouch EHR about a year ago, and I found it easily customizable; I love the Web-based application, the remote access, the ability to use it on my iPad and check my iPhone to know what my schedule is. The system is something that works the way that I do, instead of organized by body system; you can also customize it so that we can organize the information by body region. It is a great system, I use it everyday, I love it!


Meditouch is a better system, and much less expensive than what I was using. The ability to get up and running without an excessive amount of money is important. It’s a good system that’s affordable, but the biggest plus is that HealthFusion is an organization receptive to the needs of the physician. The system updates that have come to MediTouch have really been phenomenal; it has the potential to be a perfect system; I’m just happy to have found it


I really like the ease of HealthFusion, the transfer was just fantastic. I’m still in awe of that, HealthFusion did the transfer of our patient demographics for us and then we uploaded all of our documents. There were 40,000 documents that needed to uploaded and we did that in bulk uploads and put them in the patient charts. They uploaded seamlessly and they are now in the patient charts.


I’m a fellow of the academy of the College of Osteopathic Family practitioners, I have been using the system for a little over a year. I practice in a rural community, name of the town is West, south of Dallas about 150 miles and I’m very pleased with the system. Anytime I have had a suggestion on how to improve the program, they have listened to me to make it better for me and things that I wanted to do with it. It makes it much more user friendly for me.


I use them for practice management and electronic health records… They have been very helpful and very nice… Their system seems to be easy to understand and is very useful. I use it exclusively for my electronic health records in my office through the use of an iPad, which I carry with me from room to room as I examine the patients. It can also be used on any type of computer and accessed from anywhere in the world through the World Wide Web.


Why choose Medical Revenue Solutions?

We know you’re committed to taking excellent care of your patients, but when was the last time you took a close look at your Medical Practice? Medical Revenue Solutions not only specializes in Medical Billing and Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s), but also revenue cycle management, optimization and business continuity. We are here to serve your Medical Practice with a suite of applications and services which will increase your cash flow and streamline business processes today.

Our professional team is dedicated to treating every Client as if they are family. Each Client will receive 100% client service satisfaction from our Company, regardless of the service you utilize us for. Our care, follow-up and client attention is at the heart of our company. Medical Revenue Solutions continues to work at the process until their Client receives the money owed for the services rendered to the patient.

What is Revenue Cycle Management?

Revenue Cycle Management is the process used by Medical Practices to track patient revenue from the first point of contact to the final payment on your patient’s balance. Overall, it’s a life cycle of a patient through admission, to administration to accounts receivable! We understand that Medical Billing is getting increasingly complicated, as more rules and guidelines come into effect, proper Revenue Cycle Management ensures that billing errors are greatly reduced to maximize reimbursements directly from insurance companies. As a complete Revenue Cycle Management company ourselves, we understand the importance for maintaining complete compliance with coding regulations. By working with us, we’ll make sure the right coding for services rendered by your Medical Practice is used so that insurance claims are processed timely and you’re compensated appropriately. Let’s schedule some time to talk; there’s no hassle, fee or obligations, we promise! Click here to schedule a phone conversation that best fits your schedule.