Benefits of EMRx and iClaim for your Medical Practice!

A little backstory.

Blog writing, ‘eh it’s really not my thing. However, when my Social Media Manager persuaded me to write blogs about two of my products and corresponding services, well…here I am. I ‘get’ what blog writing is all about, SEO this and SEO that. Why can’t I just supply a list of keywords and be done with the whole blog writing thing, ‘eh??? I’ll answer my own question with one word: RELATIONSHIPS.

Relationships are, in my opinion, the key to the list of keywords. Small Business Owners are relationship driven, relationship savvy, relationship focused…after all relationships grow into that next client. Or, do they? Yes, they absolutely should! No, they absolutely should not! WHAT, Yes and No??? The key about relationships for a Small Business Owner is (yes) to select relationships that help grow our businesses and (no) de-select those relationships that do not.

Case in point. About this time last year, I had saturated the local area and needed some new landscape to prospect. I joined a Chamber of Commerce that was, logistically speaking, not convenient but I needed to build more relationships. My first task was to cruise through the Chamber Member list and start prospecting one Medical Practice after another. I made the usual emails, phone calls, and attended Chamber events to get my business name out there. Well, well, well…a prospect took the bait and for the next several months I focused on the relationship and how I needed to become known, liked and trusted by the prospect. Key point or keywords…people do business with people they know, like and trust. Once this baseline was established, I was able to lead (another key word) the relationship for me to find out why this Medical Practice was not profiting from their services. This is a ‘Yes’ relationship because after spending time building this relationship I could envision this prospect becoming an “A” client with implementing our products and services, which by the way, is really what this blog is to be all about, right? Right…so, here I go!

Benefits of EMRx and iClaim for your Medical Practice.

Our flagship products are EMRx© and iClaim©. Our electronic medical records and practice management solutions are web-based, interfaced, and provides the automation our clients require to achieve their daily operations. Clinical notes can be completed the same day via speech recognition, ‘click-thru’ menus, and/or template forms. No more late nights or weekends to complete SOAP notes. We can format the Medical Practices’ paper forms into an on-line form within EMRx© so the Medical Practice does not lose the familiarity of their own forms. Within iClaim©, Patient scheduling is a snap…with our patient portal, patients can schedule or reschedule their own appointments; front office staff can drag-drop appointments from day-to-day, week-to-week or even month-to-month, and they can review multiple Providers’ schedules on the same screen! The patient check-in and check-out processes is a click here and a click there. Eligibility verification is completed within one click, yes…one click! With the two products being interfaced, the front office and the Providers can work seamlessly on tasks within the same patient chart!

Medical Revenue Solution EMRx and iClaim used by Medical Practice

Why choose Medical Revenue Solutions?

So, what is Medical Revenue Solutions all about any ways? Practically speaking, we are all about increasing cash flow, streamlining workflows, automating the clinical and administrative tasks that bog down Medical Practices. Every day I use my Revenue Cycle Management certification, my education (BS in Information Systems and MBA/TM), knowledge and expertise to implement efficient and organized process workflows, increase cash flow for Providers, which allows our clients – the Independent Provider, to focus on what they do best…caring for their patients. However, at the core of Medical Revenue Solutions, we focus on Relationships! Relationships with Vendors, Small Business Owners, Competitors, Prospects and our Clients. We focus on the relationship from the day introductions are made. Hence our tag line: We focus on you, so you can focus on patients.

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