How to grow your Medical Practice in 2017!

One thing we discussed recently, was how to optimize your Medical Practice. While these two topics may sound familiar, it’s important to note we focused on helping you gain control of delinquent patient balances by capturing the low hanging fruit, introducing better services to manage patient balances in your Medical Practice and better situate yourself to handle patient balances going forward. Why was that important? A paid patient balance is incoming revenue. Incoming revenue is cash you’re going to use to correctly set yourself up for growth. Growth equates to more patients, more paid patient balances and more revenue. Our goal of this blog is to help you better optimize your marketing to achieve more patients without bleeding time or expenses, while growing exponentially.

One important ingredient to a successful Medical Practice that most independent Medical Practitioners never want to face is the trials and tribulations of marketing. Yes, the dreaded “M” word that people think they can grow without. It’s true, you can grow based on word of mouth, but it’s going to take 30 years of word-of-mouth networking to achieve what you should achieve through marketing at a fraction of the time. You’re saying to yourself;

“I see what you’re saying, but where do I start?”

You start with our AutoCard marketing services. Now you’re saying “you’re just tossing me a sales pitch.” – maybe we are, but it’s important to know the actual benefits of how this marketing service will be a home-run for your Medical Practice and let you envision how it’s going to help you grow. Imagine a marketing system that proactively works for you. Your job remains the same; capture patient information and take care of the patient. AutoCard’s job is to process your patient database, organize them for different needs and execute valuable marketing techniques based on your patients needs through customized communication campaigns! Here’s the fundamental idea;

  • Send direct mailers for back to school physicals to patients parents automatically
  • Send direct mailers to your patients for scheduled flu shots automatically
  • Send direct mailers to your patients for check-up reminders automatically.
  • Send direct mailers for greetings and thank you’s
  • Send direct mailers to your patients asking for referrals

Imagine all of that done automatically! Think of the time you’ve saved by not having to do the work and the passive marketing you have working to grow your independent Medical Practice. This method of marketing will do a lot more than just gently nurture your patients, it will create amazing patient satisfaction, build outstanding patient relationships and increase your bottom line through referrals! Yes, you can send referral cards to your patients and most importantly, if 5% of them turn over a new referral each time, think of the growth your passive marketing has made for you already. Customize your marketing strategy monthly, quarterly, seasonally or yearly! Whichever your preference, know the customization to match your Medical Practice exists and think of the impression you’ll have on your new and existing patients!

At the end of the day, our AutoCard marketing services are worth more than value of the cost associated and you can feel comfortable knowing our team at Medical Revenue Solutions is dedicated to your 100% client satisfaction, through implementation and complete training. Our attention to detail is what makes our company successful!