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CCHIT certification is very valuable! To have a cchit emr system in your office you will not only be increasing the level of patient care, but also the security and protection of the information you are storing. A cchit certified electronic record is one that is of the highest standard. Our software and systems are all cchit compliant and we are a vendor that takes security and quality very seriously.

Cchit stands for certification commission for health information technology. This is an organization that was set up to help with the adoption of healthcare providers using electronic means to track and care for their patients in a safe, efficient and easy to access way. This allows a practice of any kind to put their emphasis on patient care, knowing that their technology is secure.

Medical Revenue Solutions is proud to offer cchit compliant products, as we know having a cchit certification is very important. Cchit emr, or cchit certified electronic record software allows a practitioner to access files, update records and electronically transmit information such as prescriptions quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to find out more about our software and systems to help your practice!

Clinical Practice Management

Medical practice management can be made much more efficient with our products! Medical Revenue Solutions offers practice management systems that can help you with every aspect of your business. If you are looking for a physician practice management software that can help you from scheduling through to billing, we can help! Our healthcare products include training to help you to make the transition in your office.

It is very important when looking for a clinical practice management product to get one that will not only help you to schedule and bill, but also one that will help to update and track records, which makes every encounter with your patients much smoother. Our software also will help you to reduce lost income by ensuring billing is done correctly and the proper forms are submitted to the insurance companies.

Check out our clinical practice management software today! We help to get our clients into the right medical practice management software for their needs, and will train their staff on how to use it. We have practice management systems that are easy to run, will help you with every step of your office needs and will help you to deliver great healthcare without having to worry about your software or training!

CMS 1500

Cms 1500 forms, or cms 1500 claim forms are used by most providers that bill Medicare. It is very important when dealing with health insurance claim form 1500 to do so properly as you do not want to deal with costly rejections or denials. Medical Revenue Solutions offers software that will help with this billing need, and give the proper instructions to your employees in charge of filling out these forms.

Our software will help you to navigate and deal with the complex CMS 1500, which in turn will allow you to focus more on the care of you patients then dealing with forms. Our software is secure and allow for the electronic submission of these forms which also will save your office time.

Make sure that your office is submitting CMS 1500 correctly! If you deal with CMS 1500 forms in your office, contact us today! CMS 1500 claim forms are often a large part of a practice as many patients are on Medicare. We can help you to make sure that your health insurance claim form 1500 is done correctly, which will help to increase the revenue and production in your practice. Our software helps with billing, as well scheduling and all other aspects of running your practice.

Clinical Practice Management

Denials in medical billing are both costly and frustrating! It is critical to the success of your practice to have a healthcare denial management system in place to prevent costly errors. Our software can act as a claims denial management system for you as it will make sure that all services are billed correctly and on time, helping to increase the revenue to your medical office.

Medical Revenue Solutions is a company that has been helping physicians with denial management in a way that is efficient and affordable. Our software is designed for physicians and fully customizable to meet the needs of each office that we work with. We take pride in our denial management processes and customer support to our clients, helping them to grow and build successful practices.

Implement a denial management system today! We offer solutions in healthcare denial management that can save you time and money. We prevent claims denial management with our software and services. Contact us for a free practice analysis on how we can reduce your claim denials and improve your cash flow.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records software is an excellent way to streamline your medical practice! When you use an electronic health records system in your office, there are many advantages. No longer will you have to spend valuable time locating files, dedicate storage space to paper folders, and you will also cut down on any confusion by having all records and future appointments in one location. Our company, Medical Revenue Solutions can help you to select the right service product, set it up and train your employees.

Our electronic health records program is used for everything from scheduling appointments to eprescribing medications and tracking your patients through each step, ensuring that nothing is missed. Patient records contain information that is critical to their care as well as protected under HIPPA compliance. Our software is secure, HIPAA, HL7 and CCHIT compliant and will make every process in your office smoother.

Making the switch to electronic health records can make your office much more streamlined. We provide electronic health records software and electronic health records systems that will be fully customized to your practice and we will train your employees on how to use it. There are many electronic health records advantages that make the switch worth every penny. Contact our company today to find out more about our services!

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical health records can help your office to save valuable time as well as our electronic medical records software brings increased security to your practice. When you use an electronic medical records system, there are many benefits such as:

✓ E-prescribing
✓ Built-in lab interface
✓ Easy to use
✓ Patient history at your fingertips

Our electronic medical records program will allow you to follow through each step of every patient interaction from the booking of the appointment to the end billing. Our program is fully customizable and designed by physicians, taking into consideration the many different tasks that you may need this software to do.

Update your office with electronic medical records. Not only are electronic medical health records much more secure, but our electronic medical records software can be customized to the specific needs of your practice, and we provide training to your staff on how to use our electronic medical records system. There are many benefits in becoming electronic, our company offers the best in software and service to help you make the transition.

Healthcare Management

Healthcare management services are a necessity for any practice. Our company, Medical Revenue Solutions provides healthcare management systems that will not only help to save your practice money, but are fully customizable to your practice, helping to also save time and prevent mistakes. We have one of the best health care management solutions on the market as our software begins with the scheduling of the patients appointment and carries right through the billing cycle.

This is the best way to prevent mistakes such as under billing and missed payments! It is critical to the success of your practice to make sure that the billing, records and patient information is not only easy to access, but also secure. Our software is HIPAA, HL7 and CCHIT compliant and can also prevent mistakes by allowing the physician to see the patients record and history easily.

Never before has health care management been so easy! When you allow us to be your outside source for healthcare management services, you will see how one of our health care management systems will make your practice run much more efficiently. This is the best ways that you can cut costs, increase efficiency and prevent costly mistakes. Our health care management solutions are customizable and we would love to help you find the right software! Contact our company today!

Health Insurance Claims

Medical insurance claims are critical to file correctly. If health insurance claims processing is not done correctly, you may not get paid for the services that you offer to your patients. Our medical insurance claim submission software helps to eliminate that risk in your practice by making sure that all forms are filled out correctly and submitted on time. If you are looking for this efficient and affordable solution, contact our company, Medical Revenue Solutions today!

Every practice has to deal with health insurance claims, it is a part of the business. A risk that every practice runs is that if the forms are not filled out correctly, they may be rejected or denied, costing you time and money! It is critical to have a software solution that will prevent this. Contact Medical Revenue Solutions today to learn how we can assist with the health insurance claims process and, in turn, increase your revenue as well as allow you to focus more on patient care.

Make sure that your health insurance claims are correct and see your practice florish! Medical insurance claims are a large part of every practice and our company can help to make that process smoother for you. Never again will health insurance claims processing be stressful! Never again lose money due to an incorrect medical insurance claim submission. Our software will help you process all services! Contact our company today for more information!

Healthcare Management Systems

Medical management systems are an important part of every practice! If you are on the market for practice management systems that will help your office to be more streamlined, look no further! Medical Revenue Solutions offers patient management systems and billing software that will help you to reduce costly billing errors as well as make your patient interaction much more smooth. Our company will even provide training on the software that we offer.

Behind every successful medical practice, there is a strong healthcare management system that will help every employee to do their job more effectively. From the scheduling of appointments to the handling of refills for patients, it is all very important as a good patient encounter will ensure long term clients. Our software can help you to not only give your patients great care, we also provide billing services which reduces costly insurance rejections.

Contact us today to find out more about our healthcare management systems and the options that we have available. We have medical management systems for all size offices and will help to not only implement the new practice management system, but we will also train your staff on the patient management systems to ensure proper use and understanding of our software through training.

Healthcare Revenue Management

Revenue management systems can help you to make sure that your practice is optimizing its billing department. Healthcare revenue cycle management, when done properly can prevent expensive loss and mistakes by making sure that all of the billing is correct, current and forms are filled out correctly, preventing denials from insurance companies. Medical revenue cycle management is a process to make sure that your practice is making a profit, and not losing money due to ineffective billing software.

Here at Medical Revenue Solutions, we offer software that will not only prevent costly mistakes in the billing process, but we will also create a solution that will track each patient from appointment to billing so that nothing is billed incorrectly and potential patient debt is eliminated.

Contact us today for a great healthcare revenue management solution. We are a company that provides revenue management systems that are customizable and easy to use. Healthcare revenue cycle management is critical to every practice as it will prevent costly mistakes and help increase profits. Let us help you with this process with our software. We will begin by consulting with you to find out your specific needs. Contact our service today!


HL7 is a term that is important in the era of electronic records. HL7 standards not only help to ensure compatibility but security of the software and information being input. We have HL7 certification on our software and offer HL7 training to help you to understand the importance of this to your office. We take pride in offering software that meets all compliance standards for online and portal based programs.

HL7 standards can improve care in your office by optimizing workflow and reducing mistakes. Our company offers software with HL7 certification, which is critical to bringing your office into the technologic age. We provide HL7 training with our software which is a compliance that you want to have when using software to run your patient records in your office.

Medical Revenue Solutions offers many different HL7 solutions that can help any type of medical office run more efficiently. With implementing our HL7 compliant software, your staff can focus more on patient care and building relationships with clients, which increases revenue and the longevity of your practice.

Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing online is the best way to go! If you are looking for a medical billing program, we have one that is among the best medical billing services that you can get for your practice. Our program was developed by coding specialists and designed to not only make your billing software more comprehensive, but it also streamlines the claim filing process.

We help to take the guesswork out of medical billing and coding by not only helping to correctly bill for services, but we also will help to reduce the amount of rejections and denials by the insurance companies as our codes will be correct and compliant.

It is important to be accurate in medical billing and coding. You can see our medical billing online information to get an overview of what we offer - however, it is best to contact us to find out which medical billing program is best for your specific needs. Use Medical Revenue Solutions software for your medical billing services and cut cost for your practice.

Patient Portal

Patient web portal programs are fast becoming the new era of medical care. If you are looking for patient web portal vendors to help bring your office up to date, look no further! Medical Revenue Solutions offers patient portal software and technologies that are secure, meet all compliance requirements and can be used online in your office.

A secure patient portal can help you to deliver better care to your patients as it will prevent scheduling, updating, record and billing errors that are all too common with paper systems. By having a patients information at your fingertips at all times, you can focus more on the care of your patient and less on worrying about where charts are and any crossed information.

Bring your practice up to date with a patient portal! Having a patient web portal is important as it will not only bring your office up to date, but it will increase revenue by cutting down on time spent with old charts. We are a patient portal vendor that offers the best in patient portal software. Our technologies have all of the compliance requirements that you need to ensure security and accuracy. Contact us today for more information!

Practice Management Software

Healthcare management software is a very important part of every medical office. If you are looking for a new medical office management software for your practice, contact us today! We have practice management billing software that will help eliminate costly errors and increase your revenue! We have been consulting and training offices to help them find the best fit for their office to speed up processing and help them to focus more on patient care.

Our company, Medical Revenue Solutions offers a variety of practice management software to help any sized or type of medical practice run their office more effectively. We not only help by offering billing options, but we will help to get patients scheduled, prescriptions called in, data shared securely and insurance forms filled out properly, reducing rejections and denials!

Our practice management software can help you to focus more on your patients and customer service, which is what will make a practice successful. Find out more about our healthcare management software today by emailing or giving us a call. We have medical office management software that can help you! Our products for practice management billing software are affordable and we also offer consulting and training to help you in processing into the new software.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle in healthcare is one of the most crucial elements your office will have to deal with. The medical revenue cycle requires correct billing, including dealing promptly with the insurance companies to prevent rejections and denials. If you are looking for software to help with the physician revenue cycle, we can help! Our services include software that will prevent mistakes and increase the profits in your office.

Part of revenue cycle management includes making sure that all billing is current, correct and all necessary forms are filled out correctly when submitted to the insurance companies. Rejections, denials and non payment by patients due to incorrect billing all can cost your practice a lot of money, and additional time for the recovery process.

Medical Revenue Solutions has a number of ways that we can help your practice with revenue cycle management. We understand the importance of the revenue cycle in healthcare and how it can effect your practice. Contact us today to find out more about how our services and software can help you to ensure that you are billing, and submitting forms correctly the first time, preventing potentially expensive rejections and non paying patients.

Super Billing

Superbill template software can help you to save time and money in your practice. A medical superbill is an itemized form that any type of medical office will use to show services rendered. Our superbill software is perfect for any type of office, including but not limited to:

✓ Chiropractors
✓ Pediatricians
✓ Family Practice
✓ Internal Medicine
✓ Cardiology
✓ Dermatology
✓ Neurology
✓ General Surgery

Medical Revenue Solutions also provides training on the software that we offer and how to process everything properly to make sure that you do not miss a billing.

Superbilling is practiced in almost every office. Our superbill template is customized to the needs of your office and will function as the form that is submitted to the payer for reimbursement. Every office needs to have medical superbill and our software can help you to create one that is not only relevant to your practice and services, but it will also help to get you reimbursed on time and correctly. We will provide training to your staff and help you to learn how to process all of the information into our software, helping your practice to run much more efficiently.