What is Practice Management Software?

Practice Management Software Definition

Practice Management Software is a healthcare software solution that efficiently handles the day to day operation of a medical practice. The software itself allows users to seamlessly integrate billing, scheduling, reporting and insurance eligibility into one system! Typically, most practice management software systems are designed for small to medium sized medical practices and are intended for multiple users to share the data and the workload! Best of all, practice management software is often connected to electronic medical records systems, though some features may overlap a bit, the electronic medical records system is used for assisting the practice with clinical matters while the practice management software is used for administrative and financial matters!

What Practice Management Software do we use?

At Medical Revenue Solutions, we use iClaim! iClaim is a complete practice management solution providing you freedom to focus on patient encounters and minimize the paperwork required. Empowering you with full control over patient records through a web-based, “no headache” system. Implementing iClaim at your Medical Practice will help ease the hassle of making important business decisions. How? Getting your claims paid fast, on first submission and with an incredibly low rejection rate is a service your medical practice needs to stay ahead of the curve. Because of being ahead of the curve, your Practice will benefit from increased profits and bottom line results! With iClaim’s web based system, you will have real-time access to every aspect of your patient records, anytime and anywhere! This will allow you to make optimal business decisions because of better, up to date reporting. With the touch of a button, you will be delivered numerous reports, providing you the ultimate control and data you need to make the appropriate decision to maximize profitability.

Benefit of iClaim – Practice Management Software

  • enter and track patient information,
  • schedule and track patient appointments,
  • send out insurance claims and patient statements,
  • patient and third party payment integration,
  • generate reports for the administrative/clinical staff,
  • fewer claim rejections,
  • 24/7 web-based records access that’s HL7 and HIPAA compliant,
  • real time reports.

If you’re on the fence about implementing a practice management software solution and/or electronic medical records, we would love for you to schedule some time to chat with us about whether or not iClaim is a fit for your practice. You can feel comfortable knowing our team at Medical Revenue Solutions is dedicated to your 100% client satisfaction, through implementation and complete training. Our attention to detail is what makes our company successful!