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Products and Services

Medical Revenue Solutions offers a suite of medical software applications and services that consists of not only medical billing, but also EMR applications that integrates with their own billing software or any other HL7 compliant billing software; document scanning, customer communications or ‘well-care’ plan, two different applications for patient payments depending upon your practice needs, a Pre-RAC audit application and also an application to audit and certify the Practices’ ‘superbill’.


Focus on patients, not paperwork. A “no headache” billing service that still gives you full control of your patient records.


Guards profits and reduces errors. Protect against audits, identify charting errors, stop under billing, improve reimbursement.


More payment options, more revenue. Get paid faster, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction!


Reduce paper and streamline patient encounters! A customized solution that will parallel the current workflow of your practice! Easy to use!


Improve your reimbursement rates up to 30%! Stop under-billing, improve documentation, real-time reports and 24 hour turnaround!


Recover lost profit, reduce collection costs. Twice the average recovery rate with a  full automated low cost process.


Stay connected and increase appointments. Automated marketing campaigns twith big results that improve patient retention.


Electronic document management; secure storage, access anytime and anywhere! Web-based, green and paperless.