Healthcare Billing Options for your Practice

What is ChoicePay?

Are you tired of being frustrated by lack of patient payments? Want more healthcare billing options? We understand, completely! Recently, there have been studies performed that even mentioned how difficult it is today to capture money from patients. What if you had more healthcare billing options to get paid faster while lowering the amount of unpaid claims? That option is here, and it’s ChoicePay.

ChoicePay is a web-based software system that allows you to calculate, process and collect patient revenue quickly and incredibly cost effectively. Best of all, ChoicePay is HIPAA, PCI compliant and is comprised of multiple software programs working in sync to produce one of the most comprehensive, intelligent and simple payment system available today! The ChoicePay system itself is designed to calculate your patient’s out of pocket expenses, schedule payments, secure critical payment information and automate reoccurring payment plans. Customize and expand your Medical Practice’s payment options to get patients to pay faster and reduce the amount of unpaid claims. From implementation to complete employee training, we’re ready to help you make the best decision for healthcare billing options in your Medical Practice and in your life!

Benefits of ChoicePay for Healthcare Billing

  • Reduce patient bad debt
  • Get paid faster
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • HL7 compatible
  • HIPAA & PCI compliant
  • Patient payment portal

Why Medical Revenue Solutions?

Medical Revenue Solutions personnel treat every Client as if they are family. We’re ready to help you implement ChoicePay solutions and are committed to complete employee training! Each Client will receive 100% client service satisfaction. Their follow-up and client attention is at the heart of this company. Medical Revenue Solutions continues to work at the process until their Client receives the money owed for the services rendered to the patient. We’ll focus on you, so you can focus on patients.

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