Medical Compliance

What is Medical Compliance?

Today, one wrong turn could seriously jeopardize your entire medical practice, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you had the ability to consistently be at the highest level of healthcare compliance? What if you could do that while increasing reimbursement rates? Tackle Healthcare compliance with our AuditGuard services, and you will be provided a comprehensive analysis of your Medical Practice, identifying risks and compliance problems!

How exactly does the entire process work to manage your medical compliance? Well, with our AuditGuard services, our certified coders will provide a complete and detailed review of your reimbursement process, as well as coding and billing too! Through our complete and detailed process, we can identify areas of risk for your Medical Practice while providing training for documentation techniques to improve your overall workflow. Once the audit is completed, you will be given a detailed report with a full consultation by an AuditGuard specialist. The entire process goes way beyond a simple error report with corrective actions! What really sets us apart is our commitment and dedication to providing complete implementation and training of AuditGuard services.

Benefits of AuditGuard for Medical Compliance

  • Audit protection
  • Identify clerical errors
  • Stop under billing
  • Increase reimbursement
  • Decrease receivables
  • Detailed and personalized reports
  • Certified professional review
  • Make corrective actions

Why Medical Revenue Solutions?

Medical Revenue Solutions personnel treat every Client as if they are family, from complete AuditGuard implementation to satisfactory training. Each Client will receive 100% client service satisfaction. Their follow-up and client attention is at the heart of this company. Medical Revenue Solutions continues to work at the process until their Client receives the money owed for the services rendered to the patient. We’ll focus on you, so you can focus on patients.

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We completely understand how time consuming and overwhelming running an independent Medical Practice can be. To support you as best as we can, we’re incredibly flexible with our time! We make sure we’re available whenever you need us: to answer questions about our company, or our products and services, without any sales pressure whatsoever.

  • No sales pressure
  • No commitments or obligations
  • No fee’s
  • Our consultation is about your business

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