Medical Marketing

What is Medical Marketing

How often are you impressed with the medical marketing efforts by other practices, through their post cards, bulletins or newsletters? Friendly reminders designed and automated to your patient database is uncommon today. Even with today’s technology, many Practice’s just don’t have time to manage the day-to-day marketing efforts to their most valuable patients. AutoCard is the healthcare marketing answer to your automated and strategic marketing plan, and we’ll take care all of it!

Our AutoCard marketing service has the capability to process your patient database, organize them for different needs and execute valuable marketing techniques in the form of important communications! With completely customized campaigns created to send postcards with information like; back to school physicals, flu shots, appointment reminders, checkups, new patient greeting cards and thank you cards as well as referrals, it’s a tremendous driving factor towards increased appointments, word of mouth referrals and patient relationships! AutoCard healthcare marketing services give your patients valuable reason to continue using your Medical Practice for their health care needs. Set your custom marketing on auto-pilot, and let us increase your patient satisfaction as well as your bottom line! From full implementation to complete employee training, we’ll help you achieve success with AutoCard.

Benefits of AutoCard for Medical Marketing

  • Completely automated campaigns
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • No hassles
  • No hassle marketing
  • Improved patient retention
  • Increased appointments
  • Improved cash flow

Why Medical Revenue Solutions?

Medical Revenue Solutions personnel treat every Client as if they are family. We’ll help you with implementation of AutoCard services and complete training of your staff. Each Client will receive 100% client service satisfaction. Their follow-up and client attention is at the heart of this company. Medical Revenue Solutions continues to work at the process until their Client receives the money owed for the services rendered to the patient. We’ll focus on you, so you can focus on patients.

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We completely understand how time consuming and overwhelming running an independent Medical Practice can be. To support you as best as we can, we’re incredibly flexible with our time! We make sure we’re available whenever you need us: to answer questions about our company, or our products and services, without any sales pressure whatsoever.

  • No sales pressure
  • No commitments or obligations
  • No fee’s
  • Our consultation is about your business

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