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Revenue Cycle Management

What is Revenue Cycle Management

By definition, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the process, utilizing software, that healthcare facilities use to track from registration, appointment scheduling, clinical encounters and to the final payment of a balance. RCM is much more than the old school term of medical billing – it’s the new school of how the HealthCare Industry streamlines their Practice workflow in this ever changing industry. Gone are the days when Medical Practices had to snail mail or even fax referrals, authorizations, or patient care plans. In today’s healthcare environment, RCM gives Medical Practices the ability to email data using compliant software to securely email patient health information (PHI) to another medical facility. One of the benefits of Revenue Cycle Management is it bridges the gap between the business and clinical sides of healthcare. How many Practices and/or Providers know business or clinical very well but not both? Not many, and there should be a lot more. By utilizing RCM software and personnel, Providers can focus on what they do best and use RCM automated software to care for their patients and understand their business. Another benefit of RCM is a point-and-click option to review the improvements with the RCM workflow via dashboard reporting. One wonders how long it would take to retrieve this data, compile and report it in the days of medical billing, old school style? No thanks. With the help of Revenue Cycle Management, a Practice can actually save time and money, focus on their patients and increase their bottom line profits.

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Benefits of Revenue Cycle Management

  • Simplified billing and collection cycles
  • Communication between EHR and accounting becomes easier
  • Bridges gap between business and clinical healthcare
  • Perserves and manages patient billing records
  • Reduce time between service and payment
  • Improved and efficient administrative tasks
  • Reduce amount of denied claims
  • Improved claims processing avoids the revision and resubmission of claims
  • Improved billing data and corresponding reports
  • Dashboards to determine and analyze revenue goals

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Medical Revenue Solutions personnel treat every Client as if they are family. We’re ready to help you implement our Revenue Cycle Management services and are committed to complete employee training! Each Client will receive 100% client service satisfaction. Their follow-up and client attention is at the heart of this company. Medical Revenue Solutions continues to work at the process until their Client receives the money owed for the services rendered to the patient. We’ll focus on you, so you can focus on patients.

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