Small Business Commitments for 2017

So, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, blogging does not come natural to me.   In fact, it ranks right up there with eating green vegetables and running a marathon, neither of which is on this girls’ bucket list! However, I’m up for a challenge in 2017. Keep reading, this isn’t your typical “New Year’s Resolution” blog. This blog is about tackling those challenges that you really do not want to do.

Overcome challenges in 2017.

My first challenge is to accept the fact that even though blogging is not my forte, it’s good for me to do. It’s good for my business, it’s good for others’ around me, so I don’t drive them crazy with my ideas and it’s just a great way to share with an audience about the “real” me. Blogging gets my thoughts out of my head and into the paths of others’, whom can identify with me and, perhaps, give me insight into what works for them. In turn, possibly work for me! So, I’m going to commit to blogging in 2017. Not over-commit, but commit.

I am committed to writing one blog per month in 2017.

Asking for “help” is good in 2017.

Help. it’s a beautiful thing, but it can also be a challenge!
Help. Who asks for it, who accepts it, who do I help and who helps me?
Help. Sometimes it can be another four-letter-word, especially when it’s not asked for.

So, who asks for help? Me? If I’m honest with myself, probably not but I really should. Rather than stewing over something or trying to reinvent the wheel, I should ask for help. As they say, it would save me time and money in the long run. Who accepts help? Are they individuals who have passed a deficiency test and can be assigned help? Are they individuals who really don’t need help, but ask anyways? Or, maybe our society has helped individuals so much that now we cannot not ask for help? Who do I help? Well, of course anyone and everyone who asks, doesn’t ask or even looks like they need help! Who helps me? I just took a 30 second pause on that question and came up with this: I only allow those people that I trust to help me. Does that sound shallow? It does to me. I’m sure I’m missing out on some very valuable help that could save me a lot of time and money from individuals that I might not even know. So, here’s my  next commitment for 2017.

I am committed to asking for help from individuals that I might not necessarily know.

Stay positive in 2017.

Okay, so for the sake of staying honest, another challenge for me is to stay positive. Yep, I can get some heavy head-trash going on about everything and anything, talk about upsetting my day. Can anyone relate? You know, that self-taught negative tape-recorder that goes around, and around, and around, with no stop button in sight? Well, I do not want to dwell too long on my head-trash, or else I will ask you to stop reading. This year I’ve had the pleasure of learning how to stop the head-trash/negative tape-recorder and I’m committed to share it with you and anyone in 2017. You’ve probably heard or read a version of what I’ve learned, it comes in so many varieties – but, for me it’s called: My 10 ‘I AM’ Statements. I’ve written down 10 simple statements, taped it to my computer, recite them to myself almost every morning and just by saying my I AM statements, my head-trash is eliminated and my mood is set for the day! This simple task changes my thought process, and I stay positive!

Whenever I hear the head-trash starting, I combat it with my I AM statements, again!

What does this blog mean to you, a small business owner, an executive, a stay at home Mom, or may be a student? May be nothing, or may be a little something. Here’s my two cents; in 2017, challenge and stretch yourself to learn.