Which EHR is the best?

Well, let’s start by discussing what our team at Medical Revenue Solutions uses, and that’s MediTouch by HealthFusion. While it’s an easy question to ask, “What EHR is the best?” the real question is “What EHR is best for your Medical Practice?”. We’re going to discuss why we think MediTouch is the best EHR (Electronic Health Records) and why we use it exclusively.

Who is HealthFusion?

HealthFusion was founded in 1998 in San Diego by two primary care physicians and their EHR solution, MediTouch, which is now in use in thousands of practices, both large and small, across the entire United States. Who knew back in 1998 that electronic health records would become a required tool within the medical industry? HealthFusion did. It’s this forward thinking vision to become an EHR leader that paved the way to automation, so to speak. This is primarily why our team uses MediTouch. HealthFusion is a trusted, valued leader in the EHR industry and we only want to offer the best for our clients.

What are the benefits of EHR?

For the last five years, my business and our clients have experienced the benefits of MediTouch;

  • streamline practice workflows,
  • reduce the staff time required for office tasks,
  • allow the provider to focus on patient care,
  • enhances the doctor/office staff communication,
  • reduces printing and phone calls,
  • patient data is a ‘click’ away,
  • alerts for medication interactions,
  • configured for mobile use,
  • provides automatic updates and suggests preventive measures

Doctor using electronic health records on a mobile device

How does EHR benefit patients?

Now, EHR’s are not just for doctors. This raises the question, “How do EHR’s benefit patients?”. Most everyone in the EHR industry knows about patient portals, but are they really used to their capacity?  We tend to think not. Why? Lack of communicating and educating the patient on the use of EHR’s. Think of the patient calls that could be reduced if patients knew how to look up the results of their test, request a refill prescription or review their electronic healthcare records online directly from their own home using a computer or mobile device. The tool is here, and MediTouch® provides these benefits to patients directly. Here’s that forward thinking vision, again.

Being the CEO of Medical Revenue Solutions, I have the responsibility of picking and choosing our preferred technology partners. Our business model contains products and services, not only in the EHR industry, but also the whole revenue-cycle-management process. I mention this aspect because when a soon-to-be client of mine is searching for the best-fit EHR for their practice, almost 100% of the time the first question I am asked is, “How much?”. EHR pricing is all over the map, it can be ridiculous and stunning at the same time!   With HealthFusion, I know exactly what price I can quote for my client. HealthFusion’s philosophy is to partner with users for the long-term and their pricing reflects the commitment with their users. Once again, we’re reflecting on HealthFusion as a trusted and valued leader in the industry.

Let us help you get started moving in the right direction, today.